After 2 years of happy employment by Red Hat it's time for me to move on. While working for Red Hat I had an incredible time and made a lot of friends and had a lot of freedom. Red Hat will always have a place in my heart and I really loved it there. That said sometimes you get a chance in your life that you should not miss or you will regret it later. This is exactly why I'm writing this blogpost :)

I'm very excited to join the iCloud Team at Apple as Senior Software Engineer to help working on the core infrastructure that is being used by hundreds of millions people world-wide already.

What does this mean for Netty ?

You may ask yourself what does this mean for my ongoing work on Netty

To put it straight: "More scale, more performance…. benefit!"

I will continue to work on Netty as one of the core developers as part of my Job. This includes writing code and take care of the community just as before. All in all I believe these are great news for Netty and exciting times are ahead of the project and the community.